Scoring rules during the Competition Jury proceedings:
Fluency of performance - shows the abillities to perform technical and musical aspects of the piece / shows the level of technical mastery of the piece (manual dexterity, proper positioning of hands and striking, pedaling, adequacy of the repertoire selection to the current technical skills of the performer; memorization of the piece - how the performer deals with stumbles and mistakes)  (0-5 points)
Ability to use elements of a musical work: articulation, dynamics, melody, rhythmics, harmonics, tone color and agogics - shows the level of being able to perform using wide range of musical expressiveness (0-10 points)
Style of interpretation, artistic values ​​of performance - show personal understanding of the piece, the correctness of reading through the music and passing it to the audience confidently, or one's original interpretation (0-10 points)
Self-presentation - shows the beauty of performance, elegance of the outfit, self-control on stage, bows and smiling. These should charecterize every artist (0-5 points).
A maximum of 30 points can be obtained.